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Tax Mitigation

TaxHacker knows how to leverage the new IRS tax laws to benefit you, your business, and your family. The result is meaningful advantages and tax reductions.

Wealth Enablement

Through TaxHACKer’s Wealth Builder, you’re able to forecast your financial health and wealth accumulation 5, 10, or 20 years into the future.

Retirement Planning

We take you beyond traditional retirement planning and use our advanced, patented mix of retirement vehicles to put you on the path to true financial independence.

In every scenario, TaxHACKer
saves clients a minimum of
$25,000 in taxes.*

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You work hard. Now it’s time to let your money work harder. There’s no better feeling than supplying wealth and prosperity for generations to come. What would it feel like if your family looked back proudly on your smart decisions and said, “You got it right!”?

Impact the goals and dreams of those you love most.

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Be empowered to enjoy the fruits of your labor so you can share in life’s amazing events most important to you such as: family additions, vacations, vacation homes, college funds, medical or law school, charitable donations, buying investment properties, starting a business venture, or buying a new sports car.

Live life your way, with no apologies.

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Don’t take our word for it! The more complex your retirement plan needs are, the more excited we become to help you reach your goals. Hear directly from our happy, loyal clients. Are you next?

As a small and growing company, we were looking to combine top-of-the-line retirement benefits for our team members with significant company tax savings. The expert staff guided us through retirement plan options and selection, and has provided us best-in-class advice since. Additionally, the flexibility in funding options, and specifically the ability to under or over fund part of the plan based on actuary guidance and past contributions and investment performance, provides another lever to simplify closing of the books and optimizing taxes at year end. Having this great plan in place for our team members has brought us peace of mind and allowed us to focus on our clients and growing the business.

testimonial author
SolutionsATI Consulting

I have worked closely with Dan Harding for about two years. The Thiel Capital/Thiel Macro 401(k) plan I oversee is incredibly complex. Most of the C-level officers participate in alternative investments inside their 401(k) and ROTH 401(k) accounts, and Dan’s product offering, the Combo-K, is way ahead of its time and unlike anything else I’ve seen. Dan is there every step of the way to help put me in a position to succeed.

testimonial author
Senior Associate, Finance
Thiel Capital LLC

We have been working with Dan since 2013. Our venture capital firm was investigating pension and tax advantaged plans for our team’s future. In our case, office staff retirement savings needs and the challenges for deferred partner earnings made for a complex approach. Dan and team helped us navigate the decisions needed, structure our plans, and project how the overall platform would benefit us. Over the years, the plan has delivered on our expectations and Dan’s team has continued to keep us within regulations and consult on future opportunities as our team composition changes. I recommend Dan as an expert partner in administering retirement and deferred benefit programs.

testimonial author
Managing Director
Claremont Creek Ventures


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